Ally Reeves

Sr. UX Designer & Artist
works @ SapientNitro in Singapore
MFA from Carnegie Mellon
Fulbright Scholar in 2009
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Columbus Regional Hospital

The re-design of the Columbus Regional Hospital website was expansive. Our work addressed a challenge that many health systems face today: the need to remain true to core values, abosorb multiple physician practices, and create original content that demostrates their medical expertise.

We restructured the core information architecture of the site, created a “body” helper tool (an alternative to the standard search utility) that aids in the discovery of physicians, locations, and treatments, and developed the identity of multiple specialty locations.

Our team worked directly with hospital management, heads specialty departments, as well as the doctors and nurses who bring the patient-oriented ethos of this hospital to life. I’m proud to have been a part of this work made possible by the team at Primacy, NYC who continue to create notable work in the healthcare industry.

Fauna : A Penny Press

I am proud to have participated as a coin designer in a recent work by Stuart Anderson and Justseeds member Shaun Slifer.

The “Fauna” penny press is an interactive kinetic sculpture that creates an experience designed to catalyze thought about the role of humans in the natural world. This experience uses the human desire to identify with wild animals to present questions about how extinction alters our experience of nature, how adaptation drives our ecological future, and how an animal’s symbolic and cultural value can determine its survival.

Justseeds is currently selling single-sided, limited editions of pennies pressed with original illustrations of extinct and critically endangered animals. While the machine is functional, Stuart and Shaun are still working to prepare the project for public exhibition later this year.

Cannondale Bikes

Cannondale is an American bicycle company that made its name in the bike world by producing the first American-made aluminum frames in 1983.

Our site redesign was driven by a need to improve information architecture, conversion flows for bike purchase, as well as the general content and visual assets within the site.

A key focus of our work was targeted in developing stronger bike detail pages: the places where buyers make a final decision, which were loaded with 360 views of each bike, and streamlined the workflows for joyriders and professional cyclists. For Joyriders, it was easy to change colors and uderstand basic the basic features of the bike. For Professional riders, we madesure it was fun and easy to drill down into the specifications and mechanics of each element of a bike.



A variation on Lean & Agile cycles + Being Real

I find that a cycle of full team define periods, along with on-going cycles of sketching with visual designers, testing with prototypes ofearly work, and refining to release are the foundations of work that has gone well. I use some version of this for long term projects; with a strategically sliced down version of that for short term projects.

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Ally Reeves

Hi, I'm Ally.

I love crafting functional and exceptional, user-centered experiences that make day to day life easier and fun. I have lived and worked in the US and Asia, and have traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. My work and my approach to company culture are informed by my experiences in fast-paced digital start-ups, brand and product innovation firms, and my experiences with creativity in fine arts studios around the world. When I'm not at work I draw comics, travel, and read.

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