An Informal Resume

the basics

works @ Primacy in NY
MFA from Carnegie Mellon
Fulbright Scholar in 2009


I design and help facilitate the building of great digital experiences.

  • Goal: Build simple, easy to use interfaces. Speak like a human. Be kind.
  • Process: Minimal iterations, incorporating user-testing and analysis whenever possible. Focused on using the right process: grab the right tool from the tool box!
  • A must: Open communication, flexibility, and mindfulness towards removing road blocks. Have a vision. Be ready to be wrong. Say "What's next?"
  • Currently: UX designer in an agency. Deeply inspired by my past work with Neo
  • Clients: Cannondale, Medicity, Atlantic Heatlh System, NYU, 3M, Turnstone (Steelcase), Pitney-Bowes, Sony, Disney, VW ...etc.


  • I'm using: Axure :robust!
  • I know about: Wireframes, Prototyping, User Testing, Responsive design, & multiple design and development methodologies. Tried them all :). Proud to be inter-disciplinary and curious. I'm not very good at staying in my box.


  • I'm passionate about: Configuring process and deliverables lightly and thoughtfully for every project. I also love user testing and digging through research papers.
  • I'm learning about: Project Management: really digging in to how UX helps shapes project plan development & scope considerations.
  • I write about my current interests on: Medium


  • Proficient in: html, css and I liked using github with a dev team.
  • I like: bootstrap (used for this website) and fontawesome.
  • I'm excited about: Macaw.

Learning with Others

 You can view & download a more detailed resume here  



This could get serious.
How deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go?

Seriously though.
This is going to jump you into some files and folders and research papers.
You're going to want coffee; lots of coffee.

Ally Reeves

Process in a Nutshell


  • Beyond reading loads of research regularly, I do two things before I begin my work: I do an industry sweep for useful patterns and I imagine the best possible experience solution: blue sky.


  • I am always trying new tools for prototyping. My preferred tool for prototyping right now is Axure, which lets me set up a browser based prototype and moderate remotely. Paper prototypes are great, but I've found I can make digital interactive ones equally fast if I take the right approach!


  • I use Coda to tinker with code. I pull snippets of code from everywhere. I find JSFiddle useful, Code Pen is pretty neat- stack overflow is an old stand by. I look back often to Bootstrap components for simple, functional UI patterns, and as something I can easily point a developer towards.


  • If only there was a checklist for everything. I try to make checklists and plans that fit on a 3x4 index card: anything that saves time and repetition is welcomed.
Ally Reeves


Hi, I'm Ally. I love crafting functional and exceptional, user-centered experiences that make day to day life easier and fun. I have lived and worked in the US and Asia, and have traveled extensively in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. My work and my approach to company culture are informed by my experiences in fast-paced digital start-ups, brand and product innovation firms, and my experiences with creativity in fine arts studios around the world. When I'm not at work I draw comics, travel, and read. Reach out to me by email if you'd like to know more:

allyreeves at gmail.com