I'm Ally Reeves: an Experience Designer and Artist. I've worked in many different environments and it's deeply shaped my understanding of the positive effect design can have on people's lives.

I've run projects, shaped products, conducted research, built proto-types and I like to hack around with code to explore ways of bringing motion into design. I've worked with agile and lean process and am very interested in the intersection between web / mobile applications and service design.

I also create things simply in the name of making something beautiful: comics, art, portable sculptures, and playful digital works. I've tried to frame my work in a context that makes for a good read. I hope you enjoy it...

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  • User Testing & Proto-typing

    I have designed, conducted user testing and also have helped to define user research process in a wide range of contexts. This involves everything from working with stakeholder teams to generate ideas of where to begin testing, to developing theories on features that might offer a helpful solution to problems user face, to writing test scripts, recruiting participants, and delivering an analysis of actionable results.

    User testing is a deep well- but something I’ve always enjoyed. It is a critical part of my process in improving websites, services and products, and it is an essential part of discovering new features that differentiate an experience for the better.

    Research begins with discovery, and evolves rapidly into the testing of prototypes to validate that a new design approach is both effective and desirable.

    I've created ptoto-types in Invision, html/css, axure and in simple paper format.

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  • Make UX Part of Your Strategy

    Making UX part of strategy means including experience design thinking at the very inception of any product or feature.

    I incorporate UX strategy into my work by building outwards from user journeys. After a core journey is established, the team will then brainstorm how new features or enhancement of existing features can better support the journey.

    Features and and pages are then paired with the journey and we can begin to see which features play the most valuable role and are the key to defining and differentiating our work.

    While each project is different and requires some variation in approach, bringing project management, strategy and UX together in process has always yielded positive results in my work.

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It’s difficult to try to sum up the skills that allow you to make something great. It takes a lot of practice and you never even know what you're warming up for.

I've been humbled to realize how important it is to keep learning new things. The tools I work with literally change overnight. It's all about getting up everyday and being open to try new things, making the most out of any failure, laughing about it, and asking: what's next?

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I write about design process, new technology, and a lot more on Medium.


    My First Go at Tilt Brush : VR sketching


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