Southern Fried Masala


A graphic novel


A personal project


US / India / Singapore


October 2011-currently

I’ve spent the last 5 years writing this book- it’s called Southern Fried Masala and it’s a 250 page graphic novel, packed with imagery and characters that are somewhat true, somewhat fictional, and ultimately interesting to follow as they travel around the world in a very literal way, and as they travel within their own world... which a place I’ve worked very hard to give depth and character.

Is is the story of a Detective, who is tasked with investigating the disappearance of an author. The detective takes and approach of analyzing many elements of the author’s life and relationships with other people in order to try to figure out what has happened. He is left with a box of evidence to aid his research, and is soon pulled into the author's biography which takes him all the way back to the author's family living in poverty in the smoky mountains of Tennessee, forward through her travels around the united states, and finally to her strange time spent in India.

In the process of the detective's investigation he experiences hope, frustration and confusion as he moves deeper and deeper into the missing author's manuscript and details of her life. What started as an investigation of someone else, surprisingly turns into an investigation of himself. The detective finds himself entertaining outlandish ideas, and experiencing lucid dreams in which he imagines conversations with the missing author and her best friend.

Over the course of the book, something strange happens, and the reader begins to notice that the characters in the book start to blend together, so that we realize all along, we have been reading a single person’s story.

Take away:

When you write a book, get ready to use every tool in your tool box. It is an amazing experience and will ask more of you than ever before.