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September 2016

I spoke at this year's UXSG conference in Singapore about using Service Blueprints and service design thinking as a tool to determine the best way to create change within a company and focus the efforts of a large organization.

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It was a pleasure to meet so many amazing designers from Singapore and neighboring countries. This was the most organized conference I've ever been too: and I say this having seen it even behind the scenes. The organizers were from the local agency Foolproof, and brought a really great informal and open feeling to the event.

One of my favorite parts of the even were the opening speaker who talked about how sometimes solving problems means taking a very personal look at how we feel and think about ourselves. The closing speaker was stood out as well: a former developer who had become a monk and shared what it was like to grow more comfortable in his role at work once he'd let go of his ego a bit.He began to care more about the quality of his work than about gaining recognition for his effort, and became happier in the process.

Take away:

Take the time for look for your community and share. Learning together is so much easier!