WeChat for Ferrari


Singapore's top User Experience conference


Working with Razorfish Beijing




July 2016

I worked in collaboration with our China office to design Ferrari's WeChat site in time for a Beijing racing event. Our timeline was an intense one and the pace of work combined with being introduced to the world of what WeChat does and how people use it was pretty immense.

Ferrari, like many brands, is answering to the call of users who anticipate all forms of services to flow through WeChat... everything from video content to personalized support for Ferrari owners who may need tips on how their vehicle works to roadside assistance.

We also had a chance to play around with ideas for what an extended experience might look like. The work was fun, the hours were crazy, I loved it actually; and our Beijing team kept me laughing the whole time.

Take away:

WeChat is insane. The Chinese trend of mega-applications really drove the trend home to me. The age of massive digital conglomerates has apparently just been warming up so far-but now it's true GAME ON!