Fulbright: The Making of an Informed Portrait


A 1yr Fulbright grant


In collaboration with the Urban Research Development Institute


Mumbai, India


August 2009-2010

In 2009-2010 I received Fulbright/ Nehru grant for a project titled: THE MAKING OF AN INFORMED PORTRAIT: Exploring portrayal of Mumbai’s street hawkers. As an artist whose own practices venture into the exploration of niche economies and economic self-reliance, it is important to me to understand and support individuals who’s lives and work function outside corporate standards to create a heterogeneous approach to vocation. I have shown for years in a gallery setting.

After becoming frustrated with the limited demographic of this audience I began to show my work in the street where it was seen bay a more diverse population where I became fascinated with others who explored alternative and informal means of exchange. In the last few years, my exploration of informal economies has lead me to the fascinating innovation and variety of Mumbai’s street vendors, and I watch with growing concern, their potential eradication in the face of India’s booming technological and global markets...

From 2009-2010 I collected hundreds of photos, conducted 40 interviews and took over 60 portraits of vendors. The images from this project were printed and exhibited at the Kala Ghoda cafe in Mumbai, India in August of 2010 and are part of a forthcoming graphic novel, Southern Fried Masala.


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