Halfworlds TV Series


A social media strategy for HBO Asia's Halfworlds TV series


Working with SapientNitro


Singapore / Indonesia


August 2016

This was a small but neat project in which we worked with HBO Asia on their social and content strategy. We opened up an opportunity with the HBO team to brainstorm new content ideas and traveled to the filming location in Indonesia to capture 360 photos of the set.

HBO faces a unique challenge with the Halfworlds series. Basically the show's setting moves from country to country with each season: each one is filmed under new directors, with new actors, in a new language. They maintain the same general plot: that there is a seedy mythical underworld ( demons / general monster-like creatures) thriving in some of Asia's largest cities, and from time to time they clash violently with the human world. No matter the same general theme of the series, they loose and have to rebuild their fan base each season due to the character, language and plot shift.

This puts a lot of pressure on the marketing and media production team to introduce actors and build excitement around the new storyline and filming locations. Fortunately some of the stars picked up in each country already have a fan base- so some of the work is just in building a solid connection between the actor and the character they play.

Our work with the Halfworlds team was light this time around, but the ideas we kicked around for future work were fantastic! Hopefully we get to pick up where we left off when the next season is under production.

Take away:

The world of television production moves fast! You have to plan carefully in order to get the time from actors, directors and others you need to make great material.