Mobile Museum


A portable museum


Funded in part by the Sprout Fund


Pittsburgh, PA


August 2007-2008

The Mobile Museum’s deeper philosophical nature was aimed at exploring the epistemology behind creativity and fact asking audiences “How do we know what we know?” and “ By what means do ideas travel from casual everyday fact into the rigid, dictionary like structure of a standard museum?” In this way the Mobile Museum is similar to Museums of earlier days in which viewers were encouraged to draw their own ideas and about the objects and artifacts at hand, rather than take the museum's interpretations of artifacts as proof or a proposed fact or theory.

“…The pedagogy of the Mobile Museum is chance, wonder and interpretation. Viewers are invited to handle the contents of the museum: something you would never do in a typical gallery or museum. Also the artist’s whose work was shown travel with the museum and engage atypical arts audiences. These audiences have more questions than the average viewer and the artist and curator are present to answer them. “

The Mobile Museum featured two artist exhibitions during it's on the road show time: Alberto Almarza's Pok and Mummies (below, left and center), and Jenn Gooch's One Cold Hand project (below, right) which reached national audiences and was featured on NPR. The Mobile Museum made appearances for a full year spanning 2006-2007 with downtime during bad weather.


When you bring art to people in unexpected places it changes the perception of the work, and the attitude towards art in general.