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September 2015

Quest is an a giant in the domain of lab diagnostics. Lab diagnostics is a sort of Middle man service to the healthcare Industry in the US, handling the sampling and analysis for things like blood, urine and other testing along these lines.

While it may sound like a bit of an odd market to be working in my team and I were amazed and the sheer volume of processing and communications the company handled. Additionally the context of the work was an important in too: the outcome of their tests and the timeliness of processing could have life and death outcomes at times.

This is a work in progress, so the final results are still forthcoming. I worked with an amazing team at Code and Theory in NYC for this project and they have continued to carry it forward, tackling the very huge and amorphous task of improving customer experience as a whole.

Take away:

The healthcare industry is begging to be more connected: To have something like a single API Or code base that lets all the disparate and dates tools be bound into one useful interface.