SCALE @Space


A month long exhbition with a functional, free to the public shower


Artists featured in the exhibit include

  • Bill Daniel
  • Caleb Gamble and Heidi Tucker
  • Teresa Foley
  • Guffey Hollow
  • Derk Wolmuth
  • Gordon Kirkwood


Pittsburgh, PA


November 2011

In this exhibition artists explore the economic changes created by the 2008 depression that forced many in the creative class to reconsider their plans for the coming years.

Artists asked what new practices, images, and modes of creativity will emerge as others become too expensive, exclusive, or impractical? How will society communicate and share? “Scale” explored new ways to live, work, and create. Artists showcase models for work, play, and living in a world where creativity has become an everyday necessity and even a survival technique.

Featured artists made use of items that were scavanged, free, or cheap. Creating things that doubled as both necessity and creative outlet. Below: From left to right: Heidi Tucker's an empanada business where the proceeds go to purchasing art supplies. At center, Bill Daniel's "FREE" sign collection: one of which disappeared during the show! At right, Derk Wolmuth's Public Shower - a fully functional make-shift shower that was put to use at the opening of the SCALE exhibit.


Some of the most innovative people I've met have made working with what's on hand an adventure