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August 2013

For a company that provides furniture especially suited to small business spaces, getting users to supply accurate details about their office space over the phone or in an email was a hurdle. The iPhone app we designed helped ease the process by coaching users to document unique features like floor to ceiling pipes, windows, or curved walls. This helped the Turnstone design team to select and send furniture that was a perfect fit for each client.

What did our app do?

  • - increased customer touchpoints & progress indicators
  • - greater accuracy in office space documentation
  • - camera guidlines helps users get the right photos on a first try
  • - it's easy to reach the sales support team
  • - accurate details help with delivery and install: a cost saving gain

I was particularly proud of a few elements of this project. I lead the design of the material for our application, and a coworker and I acheived a pretty neat overlay of the camera phone to help users take a quality photo of their space.

Take away:

Using user testing is critical to finding the right balance between hand-holding customers and fully supporting their experience along the way.