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Working with SapientNitro




September 2016

Unilever is a huge company. As soon as you visit one of their large offices and see the shops within that sell their products ( everything from body wash, to Ben & Jerry's ice cream) you begin to take in the reality of how they stretch with well established brands across multiple industries.

The hard part about being a big name in the Industry though is that you have to keep up with all of the exciting new products that are constantly being released into the market. You also keep having to rediscover what's exciting to youth while keeping older customers within some range of familiarity. That sets the stage for where we came in: trying to think creatively and strategically with Unilever about how to continue to make their product lines stand-out as contemporary and innovative.

I'm currently working on a workshops that communicates our process for doing exactly this. I'm working with a really fun idea which is top secret until the end of the year, but it's extremely fun and I'm playing with all kinds of new mediums!

Take away:

Still in progress! But so far, just thinking about how in the world of consumer goods there is a lot fo research, planning and strategy that goes into each step: it's amazing!